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Nutriplant SD/SL

Precision Placement of Micronutrients

Nutriplant™ SL is the liquid form of Nutriplant™ SD.

This micronutrient supplement is designed to mix with seeds prior to planting. Application is based on preference of a liquid (SL) or powdered (SD) application.

Once seeds germinate, roots will readily absorb this nutritional supplement for greater root growth, faster emergence, and increased crop yields.


Benefits & Ingredients

NUTRIPLANT® SEED TREATMENT contains magnesium, sulfur, cobalt, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum, and zinc. (NUTRIPLANT® SD also contains calcium.) Calcium is needed for root and leaf development and improved plant vigor. Magnesium regulates uptake of other nutrients and activates a number of crucial enzymes. Sulfur, zinc, and copper are essential for formation of proteins and activation of enzymes necessary for seedling growth. Iron and manganese are crucial in sugar metabolism to produce energy for seedling emergence. Magnesium and molybdenum aid in the transport of phosphorus, which is important in energy transfer. Cobalt influences plant resistance to stress.  The synergism of all of these elements makes NUTRIPLANT® SEED TREATMENT effective.

  • Replaces Talc

  • It gives the seed much needed nutrients it may not get from the soil

  • Gives the plant a deeper, wider and stronger root mass

  • Allows the plant to have quicker emergence and stronger stands

  • Helps protect seed from negative effects Poncho may have on seed

  • Low Cost Per Acre

About Nutriplant SD/SL

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Root Hairs SD.png

6 Day Time Lapse

Untreated vs Nutriplant SD

Treated vs Untreated

It's clear to see taller chutes, greater root mass, and longer roots on the grass seeds treated with Nutriplant SD shown below,


Easy to Apply. Just Mix in the Planter Box!

IRF Results on Corn & Soybeans

4 Year Average

Screen Shot 2022-12-08 at 9.29.05 PM.png
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