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Frequently Asked Questions

Nutriplant SD/SL

What is Nutriplant Seed Treatment?

Nutriplant Seed Treatment is a nutritional supplement to enhance emergence and root growth. It is not a fungicide, nor an insecticide, nor an inoculum. It is available as a powder (Nutriplant SD) and as a liquid (Nutriplant SL).

Can Nutriplant Seed Treatment be applied through drip systems?

Nutriplant SD is a powder that is not water soluble.
Nutriplant SL can be applied through a drip system, but the dosage rate should be increased substantially, which may not be cost-effective.

How can I apply Nutriplant Seed Treatment?

Nutriplant SD is designed to be applied right in the planter. Mix the recommended dose of Nutriplant SD with the seed, mix thoroughly to obtain a uniform coating and plant as usual.
Nutriplant SL is designed to be applied by misting the seeds with the product to obtain a thorough coating, let dry, and plant as usual.
Several companies, including Enviropac and Gustafson manufacture equipment, large and small, for applying either liquids or powders to seed. These and others can be found on the internet. Costs start at under $200.

Can I mix Nutriplant SD in water and apply it to seeds?

No. Nutriplant SD does not dissolve in water.

Can I dilute Nutriplant SL with water?

Yes. You can dilute it in the minimum amount of water needed to thoroughly coat the seeds. Dilutions greater than 1 part SL to 4 parts water should be avoided since too much water can cause the seeds to begin to germinate before they are planted.

Can Nutriplant Seed Treatment be dribbled into the open furrow ahead or behind the seed?

Yes, but the dose rate must be increased substantially, which may not be cost-effective.

How can I tell Nutriplant Seed Treatment is working?

Look for quicker seedling emergence, more uniform stands, bigger root system, and more tillers in grains. You may not always see each of these, but they are visible evidence of the products effectiveness.

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