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Frequently Asked Questions

Nutriplant AG Q&A

What is Nutriplant AG?

Nutriplant AG is a foliar nutritional supplement designed to enhance growth and quality of crops. It contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, boron, cobalt, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc, each of which is essential for plant growth and development.

How does Nutriplant AG differ from other foliar fertilizers?

Nutriplant AG is applied in addition to conventional fertilizers, at specific stages of crop development when the demand for nutrients is greatest and nutrient deficiency may limit crop yield and quality.

When and why are foliar applications justifiable?

There are stages of crop development, such as flowering, fruit or seed set, fruit color change, seed filling stage, when the demand for nutrients is greatest. Foliar applications at these stages can be very effective. Additionally, when soil conditions are less than optimal for plants to take up nutrients from the soil (too hot, too cold, pH too low or too high, etc) foliar applications may be the only way to supply the crop with the needed nutrients.

When is the best time to apply Nutriplant AG?

The best time is in the morning or evening, avoiding the heat of the day, but time of day is not critical. As with any spray, to prevent spray drift, application should not be made under windy conditions. To prevent wash off, products should not be applied just prior to a rain or overhead irrigation. The product is ‘rain fast’ within 4 hours of application.

How can I tell Nutriplant AG is working?

Usually, the beneficial effects of Nutriplant AG are not visible, but they are measureable at harvest time.

Can Nutriplant AG be applied through a sprinkler system?

Nutriplant AG has been successfully applied through overhead sprinkler systems by decreasing the amount of water applied to ¼ inch per acre and setting the injector pump to apply the correct dose of Nutriplant AG.

Can Nutriplant AG be applied through a drip system?

Nutriplant AG is designed for foliar application. Application to the roots is not recommended.

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