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Nutriplant AG

Fast Absorbing Micronutrient Foliar Feed - Rain Safe in Just 4 Hours

Nutriplant® AG is a foliar nutritional supplement to enhance crop growth. The genetic potential for a crop is rarely reached due to stresses encountered during the growing season. Plants are more vulnerable and use more nutrients at particular stages of development.  Nutriplant® AG is designed to be applied at these particular stages to strengthen the plant against everyday environmental stress, resulting in better yields and improved quality.

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Benefits & Ingredients

Nutriplant® AG contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, boron, cobalt, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc. Nitrogen and boron are essential for bud vigor and fruit set. Nitrogen and zinc are needed for fruit size. Phosphorus hastens maturity and improves fruit quality, while potassium improves fruit color and increases cold hardiness. Sulfur is needed for flavor and protein synthesis. Cobalt increases resistance to stress, and copper contributes to color and flavor development. Iron promotes flowering and fruit set. Manganese aids in sugar metabolism, and molybdenum is involved in transport of phosphorus, a very important element in energy transport and storage. The synergism of all of these elements makes Nutriplant® AG effective.

  • For use with a normal NPK Fertilizer program

  • Increases photosynthesis by an average of 16%

  • Can be applied by itself or can be co-applied with other chemicals

  • Activates plant metabolism, allowing the roots to take up more nutrients from the ground

  • Increases resistance to stress from heat, freezing, drought, insects, and disease.

  • Has been around since 1989

About Nutriplant AG

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Nutriplant AG Helps Plants Handle Stress

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Rain-Fast in Just 4 Hours

The micronutrients in Nutriplant AG are chelated with a natural organic matter mixture made up of amino acids and carbohydrates. This makes the molecular structure smaller and lighter which allows the plant to absorb it a lot faster and use more of it.  In contrast, most other foliar feeds use  synthetic chelates which makes them larger and heavier in molecular structure, taking it longer for the plant to absorb.

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IRF Results on Corn & Soybeans

4 Year Average

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